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Pallet repair

pallet repairWe offer you a service of repair and sorting wooden pallets. Damaged pallets are fully reconditioned, all broken parts are changed into new ones. We buy disposable and damaged pallets and then sell you repaired ones for the lower price.

Pallet repair service has substantial benefits.  When you repair a pallet, you extend pallet’s life by using it multiple times.  Pallet’s life is defined as the number of trips a pallet makes.  Extension of pallet's life reduces its cost per trip. The main benefit of this economy can be illustrated with the following scheme:

used pallet repair

pallet repair

Thus repairing a pallet costs lower, than buying a new pallet. As a result, paying only for pallet repairing you save considerable sum of money.

Additionally, as a user of pallets you are making a significant contribution to environmental protection if you use a used, reconditioned pallet.


Video about pallet repair