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About company

sale of palletsThank You for visiting our website.

Ukrpalletservice, headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, is engaged in manufacturing and sale of wooden pallets in the domestic market as well as in the foreign market. The company offers a wide range of wooden pallets from the standard pallet size to various specific pallet dimensions, including certified EURO pallets. We sell pallets of different types, high quality and  required quantity. Moreover, we work with individual customer's orders.

Besides, our company has been working successfully in the international market. With a customer-oriented mindset, Ukrpalletservice has developed over the years as a business partner of large Ukrainian organizations.

Used pallets

Sale of used pallets (EURO pallets)Sale of used EURO pallets is reasonable not only from the economic point of view. Today, the usage of used (second hand) pallets allows us to save considerable amount of money as well as to take care of planet’s ecology. Using 12 used pallets  instead of 12 new pallets, we save 1 tree from cutting down, which has been providing 2-3 persons with oxygen throughout their lives.

Pallet repair

pallet repairWe offer you a service of repair and sorting wooden pallets. Damaged pallets are fully reconditioned, all broken parts are changed into new ones. We buy disposable and damaged pallets and then sell you repaired ones for the lower price.

Heat treated pallets

heat treated pallets

Ukraine is fast developing the trade and economic relationships with the whole world. Export totaled 40 billion dollars.

Yunitrig provides the heat treatment of pallets required for the International Standards for Phytosanitory Measures ISPM-15. The heat treatment is conducted in accordance with the standards...

New pallets

new palletsTypes of new pallets are presented below. All pallets are made according to State Standard. Different wooden materials from pine to spruce are used to make pallets.


Video about new pallets

Video about the variety of used pallets

Production of wooden pallets

Production of wooden pallets