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pallets delivery

We offer  delivery of your pallets, euro pallets to any region of Ukraine as well as any foreign country. Cost of delivery is discussed individually. Long experience with the shipping companies allows us to organise a delivery of pallets, euro pallets for reasonable price from any warehouses of our company. If you are going to take your pallets by your own transport, pay attention to the following information in the table, which allows you to oragnise shipping of pallets effectively.



Quantity of pallets – truck capacity
Type of pallet Average weight of 1 pallet,  (±10%) kg.

Truck capacity:  90 in cubic meters, pcs.

Truck capacity: 35 in cubic meters (Mercedes Atego, Man 81-63, Volvo FL6), pcs.

Truck capacity: ЗИЛ-130 , ГАЗ-53, pcs.

New pallet 35 750 260 110
Pallet 1,2 classes 27 750 260 110
New light weight pallet (800*1200) 20 800 280 120
Used light weight pallet (800*1200) 18 800 280 120
New light weight pallet (1000x1200) 22 650 220 90
Used light weight pallet (1000*1200) 20 650 220 90