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sale of palletsThank You for visiting our website.

Ukrpalletservice, headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, is engaged in manufacturing and sale of wooden pallets in the domestic market as well as in the foreign market. The company offers a wide range of wooden pallets from the standard pallet size to various specific pallet dimensions, including certified EURO pallets. We sell pallets of different types, high quality and  required quantity. Moreover, we work with individual customer's orders.

Besides, our company has been working successfully in the international market. With a customer-oriented mindset, Ukrpalletservice has developed over the years as a business partner of large Ukrainian organizations.

In spite of manufacturing and sale of wooden EURO pallets, we make heat treatment of pallets, that is confirmed by appropriate documents (Phytosanitary Certificate).

Developing lasting relationships with each of our partners, we constantly increase the degree of reliability. We build effective sorting and pallet repair systems. In this way, we repair and reuse all possible pallets saving thousands of trees. Furthermore, our company is developing regional representatives, creating new production sites and stocks necessary quantity of pallets available for immediate delivery.

We are engaged in purchase of pallets and other wooden packaging. We buy not only used pallets in good condition, but also pallets which need to be repaired.

We will be glad to cooperate with You!